Meeting Minimalism and Maximizing Your Jewelry Options

Any good jeweler can tell you how important it is for your jewelry to suit your lifestyle. Today, the trend of minimalism is sweeping the country, prompting people to downsize and simplify both their home lives and overall sense of style. Whether you like large statement pieces or less conspicuous staples, there’s a way to make your jewelry work for you.

Think Simple.

Keeping it minimal means keeping it cohesive, so be sure you know when to wear gold and silver. Moreover, a simple statement ring or silver-chained necklace may be all it takes to complete your outfit in proper minimalist fashion. In this sense, it’s all about knowing how to find and optimize key jewelry pieces.

Think Timeless.

Keeping timeless jewelry pieces in mind is one of the best ways to clean house and extend the use of just about any jewelry piece you stumble across and fall in love with. From clean-cut diamonds to gorgeous gold, Hemming Jewelers offers a variety of such pieces to complete your ensemble and complement your lifestyle.

Think Custom.

Can’t find any simple statement pieces to fit your minimalist lifestyle? No problem, just go custom. Customizing your jewelry is the perfect way to ensure that your accessories suit your taste and style preferences. When shopping around just won’t do it for you, reimagine your pieces and reimagine your life.


Cutting down on the clutter doesn’t have to mean cutting out your most beloved jewelry options. Stop by Hemming Jewelers to find the best jewelry options to fit the most current trends and style preferences for you!