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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Hemming Plaza Jewelers is giving away two Breast Cancer Awareness Hershey's Kiss necklaces. If you know someone who has battled or is currently battling breast cancer or any other form of cancer, or someone who goes above and beyond to help cancer survivors on their journey, just fill out the nomination form on our Facebook page and tell us why they deserve to win.

At Hemming Plaza Jewelers, we offer appraisal services for your jewelry. Below are some reasons why you might want to get a written appraisal.
  1. Insurance Replacement - For obtaining insurance riders, it is our responsibility to provide accurate replacement valuations reflecting appropriate coverage for the current market. The accuracy and detail included in this report makes it possible to identify or have exact duplicates recreated of precious jewelry items should they ever be lost or stolen.

Congratulations to Sarah and Monica, the two winners of our August Facebook contest. Each of them won two tickets to the first Jaguars, pre-season home game against the Atlanta Falcons courtesy of Hemming Plaza Jewelers. Be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page for our...

If you have an old diamond ring that’s been collecting dust in your jewelry box, it might be time to transform it into a stylish, fashion-forward piece of jewelry by having it remounted. Remounting your old stones is an inexpensive way to update your jewelry collection. And there are several options for remounting your diamond.