Unlike our paper currency, which has a rather unstable value that changes constantly due to inflation and world events, gold is always going to be extremely valuable. Since gold has real, intrinsic value, many people are starting to protect portions of their wealth by investing in gold. If you don’t know much about what types of gold you can invest in, then here is a simple guide to the types of gold you can buy:

Hey guys come on down to Hemming Plaza Jewelers this Wednesday, June 1st! We will be shooting a commercial and would love for you all to be in it. It will also be art walk and we will be featuring Patrica Taylor as our artist....

The four Cs are four different labels used to describe diamonds. One of the Cs stands for color. In this video, you can learn a little bit about the diamond color scales and how each level differs from the next.

A lot of people have boxes and boxes full of hand-me-downs and other items passed down from their family through the generations. Oftentimes, these boxes just sit up in attics, closets, or other storage areas, taking up space and collecting dirt. Every once in a while, we search through these boxes hoping to find something special and sentimental, or something that may be worth money. But a lot of people don’t realize that the stuff they usually look over could be the most valuable!