If you have an old diamond ring that’s been collecting dust in your jewelry box, it might be time to transform it into a stylish, fashion-forward piece of jewelry by having it remounted. Remounting your old stones is an inexpensive way to update your jewelry collection. And there are several options for remounting your diamond.

If you and your fiancé are preparing for your special day, there are certain steps you should take together to plan not only your wedding, but also your future. Choosing your wedding bands is an important step in your relationship and it’s something that the two of you should do together. In this video clip, an expert jeweler gives you some useful tips on picking out the perfect wedding bands that will last a lifetime.

Unlike our paper currency, which has a rather unstable value that changes constantly due to inflation and world events, gold is always going to be extremely valuable. Since gold has real, intrinsic value, many people are starting to protect portions of their wealth by investing in gold. If you don’t know much about what types of gold you can invest in, then here is a simple guide to the types of gold you can buy: