Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Ideas for a Heart-Warming Holiday

Local stores and restaurants are all bedecked in pink, red, and white, and there appears to be no shortage of heart-shaped decorations, well, everywhere.

Every year, the moment the holiday season reaches its inevitable conclusion, we see the emergence of Valentine’s Day items in an explosion of chocolate boxes and Hallmark cards. But before you reach for the oversized teddy bear in your state of overwhelm, we’re here to present you with ten alternative Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will help you ring in the romance… 

  1. Cultivating a Consignment Collection
    Whether you want the majority of your Valentine’s budget to go toward an upscale dinner date or you simply have a love for scouring the unique, we encourage you to consider browsing through consignment pieces for an equally memorable and individualized gift.
  2. Tender, Love, and Custom
    Nobody knows your Valentine quite like you, so why not put that knowledge to artistic use and design a custom-crafted piece of jewelry for your loved one? Not only can you check all of the boxes on their dream jewelry, but nothing says, “I was thinking of you,” quite like putting in the time to design something that won’t be found anywhere else.
  3. Engraved with a Memory
    Perhaps you and your loved one celebrate a certain date every year without fail, or maybe you’ve spent years whispering the same sweet nothings back and forth. In either case, presenting them with an expertly-engraved token of your affection is guaranteed to put your Valentine’s Day over the top.
  4. A Passion for Pearls
    Clean, classic, and romantic, pearls will never fail to put a sparkle in your loved one’s eye. Plus? They’re versatile enough to be used in whatever jewelry medium you prefer. A string of pearls to highlight the neckline, a pair of pearl-drop earrings to accentuate the jaw, or even a demure pearl ring to complement that little black dress — the polished pearl can do it all.
  5. Time Flies When You’re with Them
    Watches may be for everyone, but not every occasion. Valentine’s Day, however, is one that merits a gleaming gift befitting only those whose time you cherish most… so why not prove as much with a tasteful timepiece?
  6. What’s Better Than a Birthstone?
    Offering both a pop of color and an individualized touch, purchasing birthstone jewelry is a surefire way to surprise your loved one with a Valentine’s Day gift that can be appreciated year-round. Whether it ornaments a diamond ring or acts as its own centerpiece, we can’t help but ask one more time: What’s better than a birthstone?
  7. A Rose By Any Other Name
    A bouquet of roses is pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the nose but simply isn’t made to last. Rose gold, on the other hand, is a gift that stands the test of time. Be it for a single-banded ring or the metallic backdrop of a brand new pendant, rose gold is just as recognizable and romantic.
  8. Works like a Charm
    A charm bracelet is a gift the keeps on giving. If your loved one already has a charm bracelet, presenting them with a brand new piece to add on for the start of 2021 is all but guaranteed to make them smile. And if they don’t already have one, you can buy them the bracelet now and purchase a new charm for every milestone you celebrate together in the future.
  9. From the Heart
    Some events simply merit a classic gift, and who are we to renounce the use of hearts on Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re searching the market for a heart-shaped locket, pendant, or pair of earrings, one thing is for sure: heart-shaped jewelry for Valentine’s Day is here to stay, so we encourage you to embrace it!
  10. What’s an Engagement Without a Ring?
    Three words: Valentine’s Day proposal. Need we say more?


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