5 Ideas For The Most Merry & Bright Christmas Proposal Yet

Christmas has long been lauded as the most magical time of the year — and we’re sure it will continue to be. Thus, it would come as no surprise if you decide that this holiday is the holiday to finally pop the question.

The trick, of course, is taking an already-holly-jolly holiday and figuring out how to make it your own.

But don’t worry. If you’re coming up short on Christmas proposal ideas, we’ve got you covered with our top five favorite options:

#1 – Invent Your Own Advent Calendar Proposal

What are a few of her favorite things? Rather, what are 24 of her favorite things, to be precise? By creating a homemade advent calendar tailored to her tastes, you’re building up to the most memorable Christmas yet. We recommend taking this opportunity to integrate small gifts that also call back to the personal history between the two of you.

And on the 25th day? Well, that’s for the engagement ring, of course!

#2 – Design A Christmas Decoration Proposal

This year, it’s time to take Christmas decorating up a notch. This is the perfect opportunity to tuck the ring away in an ornamental box that she’ll discover while you two put up the tree together, or perhaps you put it on the tree for her to find once the holiday finally rounds the corner.

Either way, it’ll bring a whole new meaning to “rockin’ around the Christmas tree.”

#3 – Create A Magical Mistletoe Proposal

We all know what’s to come when you find yourself gazing into another’s eyes beneath the mistletoe, but where’s the fun when you already know what to expect? This time, rather than going for the kiss when she starts to lean in, infuse the moment with romance by first pulling out the ring.

Extra points if you hang it in the mistletoe itself for her to find when she looks up.

#4 – Shine Brighter With A Christmas Lights Proposal

There’s nothing quite like lighting up your love for the world to see. And by crafting your proposal with Christmas lights, not only will you light up her heart and future, but you’ll let her know how proud you are to let others know she’s yours.

Whether it be with outdoor lights or a window ornament, it’s an engagement that’s bound to brighten her smile.

#5 – Call On Sentimentality With A Christmas Tradition Proposal

Most families have Christmas traditions and, if you or she have any that you have maintained since childhood, this would be the perfect time to make your proposal that much more personal. Do you bake cookies every Christmas morning? Artfully plate a batch and, when you bring it out, have the ring settled to the side as the final design element. Do you open one item from your stocking on the night of Christmas Eve each year? Put a gold ring box on top for her to pull out.

In short, there’s no better way to ensure the Christmas tradition will remain for years to come.

From jingle bells to wedding bells, Christmas never falls short of expectations, when it comes time to propose to your beloved. And regardless of whether you’d like to browse our store for the perfect diamond or indulge in a custom-designed creation, Hemming Jewelers will ensure the ring is ready to go when you are!

As Jacksonville’s #1 independent jeweler, we specialize in helping our customers make the most of their precious gems and opportunities. From repairs to engravings, appraisals, and more, we can’t wait to help you sleigh this holiday.

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