Never Too Early To Think Merry And Bright: Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Christmas in July is several weeks in the past, and Christmas in and of itself is still several months away, so we understand what you’re probably wondering: Why are you talking about Christmas now?

Simple — By starting to plan today, your holiday gifts are guaranteed to get a rockin’ reception around the Christmas tree come December!

Here to provide you with a little merry and bright food for thought in advance, we now present our Holiday Gift Guide of 2020:


Joy to the Gems

Whether you’re shopping for your wife, your daughter, or the female friends in your life whose warmth merits a more glittering show of appreciation, gem-laden accessories offer a vibrant gift for every season. Particularly for Christmas, rubies and emeralds provide a glamorous dose of classic Christmas colors, perfectly balanced or offset by whichever metal setting you choose.

But who says the fun has to stop with the ladies? Gentlemen can also find an appreciation for subtle bursts of color when inlaid in the right ring, masculine bracelet, or timepiece. In any case, no matter who it’s for, you have the opportunity to play it up and tailor it accordingly to the person you’re planning to deck the halls with!


Sleigh the Day with a Custom Piece

If you’re ready to take your gift-giving to new holiday heights, then it’s time to embark on your journey of custom creation. After all, not all jewelry has to be cookie-cutter to be desirable — especially not when you can sweetly embellish it yourself with an intimate knowledge of what your friend, family member, or Secret Santa appreciates most in jewelry design.

Whether you’re seeking to recreate a family heirloom or reimagine an entirely new and out-of-the-box product, visiting your local jeweler for their custom design services is an ideal opportunity. For those seeking holiday gifts that go above and beyond what your loved one is expecting, we guarantee this is it!


Don’t Forget to Treat Yo’Elf

Who says we can’t splurge on ourselves a little during the holidays? And no, we’re not referring to all of the holiday sweets you’re looking forward to savoring. Rather, you deserve to reward yourself, too, for having reached the closing chapter of a challenging year! Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments and relish in the relief of overcoming personal obstacles.

And even better? There are a variety of ways to accomplish this without breaking the bank! For example, you can pad your wallet and refresh an overflowing jewelry box by selling your unwanted gold, or even breathe new life into your long-loved favorite pieces with a simple repair visit. Otherwise, if you’re hunting for new favorites but are reserving the majority of your holiday bonus for family gifts, you can always browse consignment jewelry with your local jeweler.


So, are you ready to begin strategizing your holly and jolly gift-giving plan? Then it’s time to visit Hemming Jewelers, Jacksonville’s #1 independent custom jeweler! Not only do they provide a variety of skilled jewelry services, but they also offer a wide selection of both new and consignment jewelry, ensuring you can accomplish all of your Christmas goals for the year in one store.

If you’re ready to learn more, visit Hemming Jewelers at the corner of Monroe and Hogan or contact them today by calling (904) 354-5959!