Turning Heads At The Turn Of The Decade: 2020 Jewelry Trends

As the year draws to a close, friends, family, and coworkers alike are starting to plan their end-of-year celebrations, anticipating the annual “ball drop” and sending out glittering invitations — all with the express purpose of putting their best foot forward for the year to come.

After all, while “new year, new me” is somewhat of a commonly overused expression, the expressed desire to flourish and reinvent oneself is often very genuine. And so, what better way to launch into 2020 than to anticipate this year’s trends to come?

Here, we’ll lead you through upcoming jewelry fads piece by piece, and who knows! Maybe you’ll be inspired to wear them to your New Year’s Eve party and be the trendsetter from within your own circle.


  • Necklaces: Oversized Chains

The start of a new decade is the ideal time to command attention. In other words, the idea that you should “go big or go home” has returned, manifesting itself in the wide world of jewelry. And with it comes a twist on a classic — chains. Chains are ideal for dressing up or dressing down, as well as combining with other pieces, such as charms. And in 2020, the rise of oversized chains will provide lovers of fashion the ideal opportunity to lean gently toward more avant-garde outfits, as well as layering pieces more efficiently.


  • Earrings: Oversized Hoops

Going from big necklaces to even bigger earrings, oversized hoops are here to help define your jawline and define your presence. Going big with your earrings is a trend that tends to ebb and flow, but we’re excited to see it return this year, as hoops are evergreen and versatile. With oversized pieces, you can enhance your overall ensemble with an elegant updo, or you can announce your laid-back personality with casually loose hair and earrings that poke out and dazzle. In any case, you’ll be turning heads every time you turn your own!


  • Bracelets: Pops of Color

Gold and silver are classic, but 2020 might see the incorporation of more, well, fun! From multicolored bangles to neon chains or rainbow charms, pops of color will be the trend that draws the eye, pulls together the outfit, and refreshes the inner child. In other words, you might not have worn overly colorful pieces in some time (we know it’s not always our first thought as we dress in the morning), but a new year means new opportunities to make a statement.


Regardless of which trends you feel inspired to follow, Hemming Jewelers has everything you need to enter the new year with confidence. From consignment to custom, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with something new! Call us today at (904) 354-5959 to learn more or visit us at the corner of Monroe and Hogan to explore our inventory.